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5 Core Elements of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

The ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management System (EMS) is globally recognized and adopted by businesses of all types. It helps them with requirements and best practices to control and mitigate the environmental impacts of their business activities. Achieving the ISO 14001 certification will thus demonstrate your business’s efforts to reduce the environmental impacts and contribute to the sustainability of resources.

The purpose of the ISO 14001 is to provide a structured and systematic approach for organizations to achieve their environmental goal, i.e., control impacts, reduce waste, and use resources efficiently.

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5 Key Elements Required For Having an ISO 14001 Certified EMS

If you want to make your EMS certified with the ISO 14001 standard, here are the key elements you need first.

1). A Strong Policy

There must be a definite environmental policy based on the specific impacts of your business activities, desired goals, objectives, and interests of your stakeholders. The policy will act as the cornerstone of your EMS.

2). Resource Support

Your organization must have the necessary resources, including dedicated staff, to undertake the activities regarding the implementation and maintenance of EMS.

3). Training and Focus

You must prepare the team or staff to handle and maintain the EMS with good training programs. They must acquire the skills and remain focussed on the ISO 14001 standard’s requirements to ensure the compliance of your EMS.

4). Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)

You should periodically review the EMS and check its performance in achieving your goals. Any inefficiency found in the EMS must be rectified with CAPA.

5). Management Review

There is a need for systematic reviews of the EMS by your organization’s top management at periodic intervals to identify any non-conformances against ISO 14001. If there are issues, they must be resolved with CAPA as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Achieving the ISO 14001 certification will help your organization have a definite management system and prevent or reduce harmful environmental impacts. But on the other hand, it will exhibit how your business strives to improve the environment, minimize waste, and reduce energy consumption which will uplift your brand name and corporate reputation. Thus, get the certification for your business without delay by ensuring all these five elements fundamental for the EMS.