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5 Quality Assurance Certifications that Businesses Need to Get

Businesses need to learn about the key quality assurance certification and make the necessary organizational changes to achieve each one. These certifications will not only demonstrate a high level of performance in areas like quality, environmental management, information security, and so forth. Still, they will also make you competitive in the industry. In other words, the certifications will make the company look attractive, set you apart when customers, stakeholders, and partners are exploring options, and ultimately drive them to explore doing business with the company intensely.

Therefore, if your company does not have these quality certifications, your business might miss out on great opportunities to expand and grow.

5 Most Widely Used Quality Assurance Certifications

While there are many quality assurance certifications, here are the most popular and widely used ones in your business area:

  1. ISO 9001
  2. ISO 14001
  3. ISO 45001
  4. ISO 27001
  5. ISO 50001

ISO 9001

It is the certification for quality management system or QMS, and achieving it will ensure your business can meet customer satisfaction by delivering the finest quality products/services.

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ISO 14001

The certification for environmental management will help your business reduce its environmental impacts, including carbon emissions, toxic waste, preserve natural resources, etc.

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ISO 45001

The certification for Occupational Health and Safety Management assures that your organization maintains a healthier, safer workplace and takes care of the well-being of employees.

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ISO 27001

This valuable certification leads to the implementation of best information security practices and demonstrates your business’s efforts to protect valuable information assets and preserve the confidentiality of stakeholders.

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ISO 50001

This is the certification for energy management systems and helps businesses reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint amidst climate change and sustainability.

How to Get a Quality Assurance Certification?

If you need a quality assurance certification or certifications for your business, you must first learn about implementing each certification’s management system. An independent certification body will evaluate whether the plan complies with the certificates, and after confirming that, they will award the certification to your business.

While many businesses get certified independently, getting in touch with the TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection and Certification team is always recommended to seek expert guidance and get certified in one go.