TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection & Certification (Pvt.) Ltd.

Audit Process

An audit is part of the certification process and an essential step on the way to the certificate. After an information meeting with the customer, the formal assignment, and an optional pre-audit – which takes place at the customer’s request – the central part follows the audit. In the first step, the auditor determines whether the company is ready to be certified. Among other things, the documentation for the management system is checked here. Suppose no significant deficiencies are recognized here, and no corrective measures are necessary.

In that case, the next step can be taken: Here, the auditor checks the effectiveness of the management system that has been introduced. All departments / organizational units are checked on a random basis.

The further steps of the certification process: After evaluating and evaluating the results as part of a final meeting, the customer is already informed of the audit result and any defects or so-called deviations. Corrective measures are jointly defined if there are deviations, and the audit team checks these. After that, nothing stands in the way of issuing the TUV AUSTRIA certificate

Audit steps