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Purpose of the ISO 9001 Certification

The key purpose of the ISO 9001 certification is to help organizations develop and implement a feasible QMS (Quality Management System) that continually enhances the quality of products/services. The ISO 9001 quality management standard is globally recognized and the most accepted QMS for several reasons. It allows organizations to structure their QMS according to their products/services, customer expectations, and risks. Simply put, it can be the cornerstone for your business if it seeks quality excellence and higher customer satisfaction.

How does ISO 9001 Help Complete Quality Management?

The purpose of the ISO 9001 Certification is to achieve quality excellence and improve it continually. Here is how.

1. Keeping Focus on the Customers

ISO 9001 calls for designing a QMS that uniquely caters to the customers’ needs and expectations. Reviewing and evaluating the customer feedback and complaints need to be done to improve customer satisfaction.

2. Plan-Do-Check-Act Methodology

An organization leads ISO 9001 QMS after evaluating its quality management approach’s context, strengths, and shortcomings. Using a Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology, they identify all the weaknesses and nonconformities to address them.

Purpose of the ISO 9001 Certification (1)

3. Risk Management

ISO 9001 requirements focus on risk management which means employees are aware of the potential risk to the products or services. It means you should develop a risk culture where all types of risks are identified earlier and prevented.

The ISO 9001 quality management standard can be achieved by organizations of any type or size, regardless of their products or services. Its relentless focus on quality management and continual improvement helps you to raise your customers’ satisfaction level, manage risks, boost operational efficiency, and encourage employee participation. Also, your business is recognized in the market as an internationally accepted standard.