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Safety Day Celebrations

The annual World Day for Safety and Health at Work is celebrated on 28th April. This year’s theme ensures everyone contributes to a safe and healthy working culture. About 2.78 million work-related deaths are recorded annually, of which 87% are related to occupational diseases. Safety and health measures at work can save lives. And this World day for Safety and Health at Work, We pledge to continue our effort to keep our work and our employees safe, healthy, and protected physically & mentally.

Eight Ways to Enhance Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace

1). Putting People First

A company culture that’s geared to the well-being of everyone will pay dividends. Your team will feel valued and motivated to go the extra mile.

2). Address Stress

Engage with your employees through one-to-ones and encourage conversation around mental health.

3). Confidence & Communication

Adopt an open-door policy, so staff feels comfortable sharing ideas, concerns, and areas for improvement.

4). Combat Presenteeism

Encourage unwell staff to stay at home – health comes first. Taking a sick day means they’ll recover quicker and won’t transmit illness to others in your team.

5). Recognize Any Safety Gaps

Learn from past experiences and review your safety policy. Are there any safety gaps?

6). Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

Physical activity can boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality, and energy and reduce stress. A healthy team = a healthy business!

7). Covid – Adjust to a New Normal

Build immunity across your business by encouraging flexible or remote working and healthy office practices.

8). Keep learning

Never stop learning; equip your workforce with the right PPE and invest in their training to keep them compliant, protected, and well at work.

Safety Related Tips

  • Preventing workplace incidents is everyone’s job, and your personal safety is your responsibility.
  • Dress appropriately, from clothing to footwear.
  • Keep work areas neat and tidy.
  • Follow the rules.
  • Report workplace accidents or safety incidents.
  • Know and follow emergency procedures.
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol at work.
  • Take breaks appropriately.

Here is a glimpse of Safety Day Celebrations held at Interloop Limited

This activity aimed to create awareness among the employees on how a strong OHS culture & system is necessary to reduce work-related accidents.

With our benefits and policies

  • We promise to keep you and your loved ones safe, Always.
  • Safety and health at work must evolve to include Work Stress, Mental and Physical Health, and Personal & Professional life balance.
  • We promise to ensure that this is taken care of with our programs, Support groups and Helplines, Mandatory and Voluntary Programmes, Schedules, Work Hours, Work Environment, Work Culture, and our tie-ups, free for all our employees and their immediate families.
  • Our strict covid_19 safety guidelines, covers, and observation rules will continue with WFH policies and benefits.