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Which Industries Need the ISO 27001 Certification?

Cyber-attacks and information breaches are a common threat to most organizations today due to the rising use of information devices and digital technologies, making businesses east targets for cyber-attacks or criminals. To prevent their business and corporate reputation from being damaged by security breaches, organizations get the ISO 27001 certification. In addition, it has a framework for developing the Information Security Management System (ISMS). The ISMS promotes ideal practices and measures to prevent information security risks and cyber-attacks.

Which Organizations Need the ISO 27001 Certification?

Organizations in every sector are eligible to get the ISO 27001 certification because they all deal with information assets and face similar security risks. Still, there are some organizations or industries that should prioritize the certification, including:

  1. IT Organizations
  2. Telecom and Internet Service Provider
  3. Financial Services Provider
  4. Law Firms

1. IT Organizations

IT services companies, software development companies, and digital solution providers are the first beneficiaries of the ISO 27001 standard. They need the standard to show their clients that they have the best means to safeguard their confidential information. Therefore, most of these organizations need the standard to meet the contractual requirement of their clients.

Which Industries Need the ISO 27001 Certification

2. Telecom and Internet Services Provider

Telecom and Internet Services Providers also need the standard to ensure full-fledged security of the massive amounts of sensitive client data they handle regularly.

3. Financial Service Provider

Financial Services Providers or organizations, including banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, brokerage firms, etc., need the ISO 27001 standard implementation to protect the clients’ compassionate financial information, credentials, and personal data. In addition, trust establishment in the clients is the essential factor behind the successful functioning of these institutions, and the standard helps establish the trust.

4. Law Firms

Legal firms also deal with clients’ vast amounts of sensitive personal information, so they must comply with the ISO standard to demonstrate their adherence to the best information security methods.

Key Takeaway

Almost every organization handles information about its clients or stakeholders. The ISO 27001 certification hence becomes crucial for them to show their commitment to top-notch security practices and efforts to preserve clients’ confidentiality.

However, if your organization is part of the IT, telecom, finance, or legal sectors, the certification becomes necessary even though it is still not mandatory. This is because clients of these industries mainly look for the services providers they can entrust with their information, and the certification helps them believe that they have chosen the right provider.