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5 Key Tips to Pass ISO Certification Audit

Businesses willing to get the ISO Certification to demonstrate their credibility and stand out in the competitive marketplace must pass an audit first. Known as a certification audit, this is where an accredited certification body conducts a thorough evaluation of the processes and management system of the business. TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection and Certification audits to ensure that the company conforms to all requirements of the chosen ISO standard so that they can grant the certification.

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If you have submitted an application for an ISO certification and prepared for it, then you should pass the certification audit in the first go around, but here are some helpful tips to follow.

  • Prepare the staff for the audit process by coaching everyone, holding training sessions, and tutoring them about the elements of the management system.
  • Prepare all the key documents, including business process instructions, policies, quality manual, training procedures, best practices, etc., and make them readily possible.
  • Develop an audit mindset, i.e., ensure all members are ready to interact and cooperate with the auditors. They should also acknowledge the feedback or observations the auditors presented after the evaluation positively.
  • Do a risk-based analysis to find risks or non-conformities before the certification audit. It will help mitigate the risks and make you confident of the potential audit outcome.
  • Hold a closed-door meeting once the audit is complete to review the findings and ensure everyone, especially management, understands the findings. This will assist in deciding appropriate actions to resolve any issues found in the audit.

Key Takeaway

Add additional stress or restriction before the audit will increase the level of difficulty passing. It should be used by businesses as an excellent opportunity to find out what is effective in your business and what are needs some modifications or corrections. You can also prepare your business for the ISO certification audit by performing an internal audit. This will ensure that your business conforms to the standard’s requirements and that your process is efficient and ready for the actual audit.