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What is ISO 20000-1:2018 IT Service Management System?

ISO 20000-1:2018 is an International Standard to promote adopting a systematic approach to the effective delivery of IT services. It is a set of “controls” against which an organization can assess an effective IT service management system.

  • It gives the methodology and the framework to help manage ITSM.
  • Designed to help organizations ensure that they provide effective Service Management
  • Service Management for Internal and External Customers.
  • This standard applies to any company size and any industry.
  • It helps continuously monitor the services planning, processing, and delivery.
  • Code of practices that give interpretive guidance and procedures to improve processes.
  • Structure for business growth and smooth continuity.
  • Best practices are included in the ITIL framework (IT Infrastructure Library).
  • Higher Client Satisfaction.

What is ISO 20000 Certification?

ISO 20000 Certification is a standard for organizations in the IT sector that want to improve their Service Quality. In other words, The certification will help IT organizations and IT departments to maintain (ITSM) and benchmark their performance in the industry.

If you do not know how to achieve ISO certification, we can help your business implement standard requirements and oversee all the required processes. It enhances customer satisfaction with your services and assures the retention of your customer base. This standard includes following other legal and industrial regulations (such as conformance to ISO 27001 for information security), and helping to meet their requirements. It leads to implementing a systematic and documented ITSM, helping organizations ensure quick and flexible service quality.

ISO 20000 Certification

The standard indicates to stakeholders that you are committed to providing quality service and provides a growth opportunity. It enhances your IT organization’s brand reputation, increasing your services’ credibility, Minimizing errors, delays in delivery, incidents, and any other deviations.

This Certification is a recognized and helpful standard that helps IT service organizations conform to an IT service management system. It enables IT service providers to consistently improve the quality of their services with a secure service management system.

What are the benefits of ISO 20000?

ISO 20000 Certification requires IT organizations to establish a comprehensive IT service management system. The options are available both for individuals and organizations. An organization can prove its ongoing commitment to IT service management through these benefits. You might be thinking about how it can be possible. Let’s look at significant benefits that can demonstrate the continued commitment of an organization toward IT service management.

Benefits of ISO 20000

1. Competitive Advantage and Credibility

Implementing this standard helps an organization improve its reputation, competitive edge, perception, and brand image. This ISO certification can enhance the way stakeholders and customers view an organization. Credibility is the key to the heart of the customers and the stakeholders. Your target demographics will prefer you when they find you an ISO-certified IT service provider.

2. Compliance

With ISO 20000 implementation, you can let your customers know what they expect from your business. The certification sets out specific evaluation criteria. Compliance with such criteria demonstrates your authenticity and helps you improve your existing internal processes.

3. Customer Satisfaction

The success of a business emerges from customer satisfaction. When it comes to the IT industry, customer satisfaction assumes great importance. This standard assures the customers they are dealing with the right company. Once you have won customer satisfaction, you have won half of the battle.

4. Productivity

This standard boosts the productivity of an organization. Moreover, it can perk up the sales of a business. Whenever a business gains more sales, it will reach the next level.

5. Benchmark and Improvement

When your credibility is established, productivity is improved, sales are boosted, and customer satisfaction is rising, you can easily benchmark your business and enjoy a massive improvement in the business’s overall performance.

6. New Opportunities

Government and Public sector authorities that seek IT services will first approach an organization that is ISO certified. Therefore., certification opens up new scopes for business contracts.

7. Increased Reputation

With this Certification, an organization’s reputation increases in the market, causing new partners, suppliers, customers, and other business stakeholders to seek association with the organization.

8. Reduced Costs for Operation

Enhanced processing for IT services will increase employee efficiency and decrease the cost of operations for the organization. In this way, It can establish the ongoing contribution of an IT service. The primary purpose is to foster an advanced quality management framework that will manage the products and services of specific industries. If you own an IT service organization or have a manufacturing unit for aerospace/defense products, make sure to adopt a strict quality management system that follows the certification.

What are ISO 20000 Certification Requirements?

The ISO 20000 certification is specifically designed to manage IT services and only applies to IT-based firms or organizations. It defines a set of management practices that their service management system should incorporate to ensure fast, error-free, and efficient delivery of their services. Achieving the certification can help a firm or organization maximize client satisfaction and deal with process inconsistencies or issues in an organized way. To implement this standard in your organization, the requirements are:

What is ISO 20000 Certification Process?

ISO 20000 Certification is meant to help organizations improve their IT service management system and strengthen their credibility in the competitive marketplace. It is a benchmark to portray their commitment to quality service or products to customers and other stakeholders. It adds significant value to the business by helping it focus on IT service management. Organizations that have already achieved ISO certifications seamlessly have followed a unique process involving these simple steps.

  1. Planning
  2. Gap Analysis
  3. System Development
  4. Awareness and Training
  5. Implementation Activity
  6. Internal Audit
  7. Certification Audit.

ISO 20000 Certification in Pakistan

ISO 20000 Certification in Pakistan is one of many IT service management tools in many countries, generating substantial prospective business and internal benefits. ISO 20000 Certification in Pakistan might assist you in gaining your consumer’s confidence and demonstrating to them you are already committed to providing a high-quality service. It provides millions of business owners with more options to grow and reach new clientele worldwide.

ISO 20000 Certification in Pakistan

Numerous Firms are establishing their industry reputation and attaining exponential growth in their area due to this certification. 

What is ISO 20000 Certification Cost?

When we put together a proposal to achieve certification. The cost of ISO 20000 depends on many factors, such as

We cannot tell the exact cost of ISO 20000.

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What is ISO 20000?

It is an internationally acclaimed standard designed for IT service management. It defines an integrated series of management processes., which can form a management system to ensure effective delivery of the offered services.

What is the difference between ISO 20000 and ISO 27001?

The critical difference between the ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 certifications lies in their application. Their purpose and regulations clarify which industries or organizations are eligible for these certifications.

While the former has a narrower application, i.e., only IT-based services firms or organizations can get the certification, the latter has a much wider application. Almost every business sector and organization uses and stores information in any form, either manually or digitally, thus needing an ISMS. The ISO 27001 standard applies to all.