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What is ISO 22716:2007 – Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics?

The Cosmetics Regulations (EC) 1223/2009 requires all cosmetic products placed on the European market with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) set by the ISO 22716 Standard. Indeed, the Regulation refers to the ISO 22716 standard and requires adding a declaration of compliance associated with the manufacturing facility to the Product Information File (PIF). The ISO 22716 standard defines the quality and reproducibility of cosmetic products in the European Market. These products must be GMP and regulation 1223/2009 compliant.

ISO 22716:2007 is the international standard for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics. The cosmetic industry has considered the ISO 22716 standard and the specific needs of this sector. The standard focuses on production. Control, storage, and shipment of cosmetic products. These guidelines offer organizational and practical advice on managing the human, technical and administrative factors affecting product quality.

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are essential to any organization looking to reduce the risk and ability of their cosmetic product that can result from poor handling within their operation. ISO 22716 guides several areas, which can be broadly divided into 5 categories:

  • Personnel
  • Premises and equipment
  • Production
  • Quality control
  • Quality systems

ISO 22716 also has direct links to many other cosmetic regulations in place around the world. Regulators in several countries and regions have adopted this standard.

ISO 22716:2007

ISO 22716 guides cosmetic products’ production, control, storage, and shipment. It deals with all aspects of the supply chain of cosmetic products. It covers the quality aspects of the products, but it does not cover:

  • Safety aspects for the personnel engaged in the plant.
  • Protection of the environment.
  • Not applicable to research and development activities.

What is GMP?

Good Manufacturing Practices are practical and organizational guidelines set up to ensure the reproducibility and the quality of the manufacturing process of cosmetic products. It consists of measures that must be implemented concerning the manufacturing process, control, storage, and shipment. Good Manufacturing Practices concern the quality of cosmetic products. They do not target the safety of the employees or environmental protection.

What is GMP

The goal of GMP for cosmetic products

Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetics described in the standard aim to:

  • Validate the compliance of the business management system with the requirements of the European Cosmetics Regulation.
  • Ensure access to the European market.

GMP Benefits Overall

GMP can contribute to the quality of products overall by

  • Prove the organization’s management capabilities in product quality and safety assurance.
  • Enable employees to develop good production/operations habits.
  • Reduce safety risks in product quality and safety.
  • Timely detect production and management problems and reduce cost. Operating costs drop as rework and penalties because non-compliance reduces and efficiencies increase… increasing profits.
  • Increased potential for economic growth and development.
  • The critical steps of the manufacturing process should be validated to ensure they meet specific GMP qualification guidelines.
  • Regular reviews of this process will also help to ensure that product quality remains high and consistent.

The focus will be on GMPs, the central pillar of the cosmetic regulatory framework, and ISO 22716- Cosmetic standard on GMP and quality aspects for cosmetics. Good Manufacturing Practice Requirements include:

  • Facility design, construction, layout and product flow, product handling, packing and storage, waste management, Pest Control, Transport, and Personal Hygiene.
  • Issues on traceability and ensuring that the ingredients used for producing the final products are traceable and respect the standards set for cosmetic products shall be highlighted.

What is ISO 22716:2007 Certification?

TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection & Certification (Pvt.) Ltd. accredited ISO 22716 management system certification complements an organization’s commitment to quality and consistency in the cosmetic industry.

ISO 22716 2007 Certification

ISO 22716 offers a guideline for Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic products. These guidelines offer practical advice regarding human, technical, and administrative factors affecting product quality. TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection & Certification (Pvt.) Ltd. offers certification to the ISO 22716 standard. TUV Austria BIC. Accredited ISO 22716 cosmetic management system certification services help organizations mitigate risk and protect brand value while providing confidence to Brand Managers, Retailers, and Consumers. Brand Managers, Retailers, and Vendors rely on the TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection & Certification (Pvt.) Ltd. audit report and Certificate of Conformance. Our ISO 22716 Cosmetic audits provide essential information that enables an organization to make informed decisions, directly affecting brand credibility and product marketability.

Competing successfully in the global marketplace requires a commitment to continual improvement and conformance with International Standards, which are intended to assure that an organization adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. ISO 22716 Certification helps demonstrate an organization’s success in understanding and implementing international cosmetic guidelines.

What are the Benefits of ISO 22716?

From the point of view of manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, or wholesalers, Cosmetic GMP also provides confidence. It ensures that products meet all the applicable legal requirements and quality and safety standards. Ultimately, applying Cosmetics GMS protects brand reputation. This standard integrates the criteria for products and process goods manufacturing requirements. It also:

  • Enables the organization to manage its supply chain’s quality and safety requirements.
  • Controls hazards and risks associated with cosmetic products, ensuring continuous improvement.
  • Implemented easily in all sizes and levels of complexity and compliance with legal requirements.
  • Ensures that the organization meets legal compliance.

Business Benefits—Internal

  • Integration of Quality GMP requirements.
  • Fosters Legal Compliance.
  • Controls and reduces Hazards.
  • Promotes Continues Improvement.

Business Benefits—External

  • Internationally Accepted.
  • Sales and Marketing Opportunities.
  • Improved Supply Chain Management.

Why Choose Us for ISO 22716?

TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection & Certification (Pvt.) Ltd. certification for Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is an internationally recognized symbol of your organization’s ongoing assurance of excellence, reliability, and sustainability. 

TUV Austria has a large array of international references in the arena of cosmetics. Our global presence benefits clients from international proficiency and profound proficiency in local standards and regulations. 

With TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection & Certification (Pvt.) Ltd. certification on GMP, an organization can demonstrate compliance with the new necessities of ISO 22716 to their stakeholders, retailers, customers, and traders. 

ISO 22716 certifies the safety of cosmetic products and the quality of products throughout the supply chain (i.e.) from raw materials to distribution. GMP is a set of operational guidelines and hands-on advice primarily focused on human, administrative and technical factors affecting cosmetic product quality. GMP is restricted to production activities and includes storage, control, and expedition.

TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection & Certification’s huge umbrella of certification services includes:


The cosmetic regulation 1223/2009 states that the ISO 22716 certificate must be added to your cosmetic product’s product information file (PIF).

However, there is no ISO 22716 Certification, so how do we meet this requirement?

ISO 22716: 2007 gives guidelines for the production, control, storage, and shipment of cosmetic products. These GMP guidelines aim to define the activities that enable you to obtain a product that meets defined characteristics.

The cosmetic industry has prepared for the consideration of these guidelines and considers the specific needs of this sector. Good Manufacturing Practices constitute the practical development of the quality assurance concept by describing the plant activities based on sound scientific judgment and risk assessments.


What does GMP stand for?

GMP is the abbreviation for “Good Manufacturing Practice.” Sometimes you will also find cGMP, which stands for current GMP. cGMP and GMP are essentially the same.

Which stakeholders are involved in GMP?

GMP concerns all those involved in:

Manufacture, control, store, and ship cosmetic products such as finished product manufacturers, distributors, and importers/exporters.